Handmade Moroccan rug Beni Ourain 273х168 cm

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Composition: 100% sheep wool
Size: 273х168 cm / 8x5 ft

Beni Ourain considered being the diamond of the Moroccan carpets collections. The pattern which consists of crossing lines resembles diamond edges and its superior quality fully deserves the title.

Beni Ourain are the seventeen Berber nomad tribes coming from Atlas high mountains. Local sheep are much prized for their most thin and warm wool. Initially, Berber carpets were used as rugs and blankets. Thick and soft fibers protected from cold in the mountains. Over time carpets making became a traditional activity and weaving skills were given from mother to daughter. Special knowledge of knot-tying techniques
to form a carpet required long practice and a knack for it.

In the middle of the 20th century, Beni Ourain carpets were highly appreciated by important international designers and became an integral part of traditional style. Nowadays they look classic and contemporary at the same time. Thick and furry, of natural colors, (wool in these carpets is not tinted) decorated with laconic geometrical print or abstract composition, Beni Ourain can be easily integrated into any interior from Boho to ultra-modern.

Carpets are made of 100% soft and tender sheep wool, which is carefully gathered and taken care of. These sheep graze freely in the ecological mountains areas. The process of waving usually takes at least one month. Afterward, carpet is washed numerous times and finally is dried out under the generous African sun in order to obtain its ultimate softness.

♡ We support small craftsmanship in Morocco and believe that exclusive manual art cannot cost cheap.
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