Handmade Moroccan rug Boujaad 263x163 cm

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Composition: 100% sheep wool
Size: 263x163 cm / 8,7x5,4 ft

Boujaad carpet comes from El Haouz region in the Middle Atlas in Morocco. There is no modern weaving equipment, carpets are made manually by very talented ladies artists in the same way as several centuries ago. 

The main feature of Boujaad is the irregular geometric print in which you can see characteristic Berber symbols meaning something good about family, home and soil fertility. The whole story can be told by one carpet, but we will note just a fantastic combination of colors and abstractions and will fit it easily in our modern interiors.

Carpets are made of 100% soft and tender sheep wool, which is carefully gathered and taken care of. These sheep graze freely in the ecological mountains areas. Wool is being matured in particular way for 5 years to increase its quality. It is tinted only by using natural coloring. The process of waving usually takes at least one month. It is needless to say that each carpet is absolutely unique.

The essential ritual is to wash a carpet numerous times and to dry it out under the generous African sun in order to obtain its ultimate softness. “Sun kiss” is how the final stage is called by the locals.

Boujaad is different from Beni Ourain by its shorter and more dense fur. These carpets are very soft and long-lived.

♡ We support small craftsmanship in Morocco and believe that the exclusive manual art cannot cost cheap.
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